Where do you exist in your body? You can certainly feel your finger and toe, but those are just probes of your senses, a sensor for you to receive information from the outside world. But where do you reside? Is it in the head, at at the heart? Are you the ghost inside this machine looking out through the windows of eyes?

The ideas of “I” a being that is operating this machine called body, is the product of brain firing billion of signal across neurons. So does “I” exist?

What happen to “I” if this machine cease to function? Will there be pain, sensation, experience? Where do all the information about “I” go after “I” cease to exist?

What is the point of all matter existence if there is no “I” to percieve it?

Does the Universe make sense, If the “I” Doesn’t Exist?

Will the Universe still exist if “I” cease to exist? How many “I” are there in the realm of all existence?

Did you choose which feeling to feel?

There is a music tune playing, the pitch, the sound wave frequency, the progression from wave to wave. The vibration hits your ear drum triggered a chain reaction, you suddenly feel love.

If that music isn’t playing, would you still feel that way? Absolutely not, you may be feeling a different feeling. A rush of excitement after a chemical reactions when caffeine enters you blood stream.

It would be silly to me if you tell me that the feeling and the actions you do is a result of conscious decision.

Understanding emotions and sensations

  1. Fear:
  2. Sexual Desire
  3. Love
  4. Hunger
  5. Pain
  6. Sadness
  7. Proud
  8. Guilt
  9. Shame


The root form of rational 

In the dialog of competing ideas often we mis understood rational and the statements that are generally accepted. A statement that are generally agreed upon is not reason, and shouldn’t be masked as reason in an argument.

Here are some of the example of propaganda that we use everyday with little consideration whether it’s truly valid or not:

  1. Life is a challenge: it is true that life within today’s world of capitalism is challenging, but it is not true to the most basic form of reality. One need to simply ask why is it a challenge, follow the why questions deep enough, you’ll realize that it is a propaganda to keep this greedy world operating.

    2. You have to work hard for what you want: Like the first example, you have got to work hard to get what you want. It is propaganda that designed to make human work, without realizing that 80-90 percent result does go to a corporate, you only get 10-20 percent for what you work. Imagine you get to keep all from your own work, does it have to be that hard any longer?

What is generally accepted is generally accepted, Neithter it is true nor valid reason

Life and why it is a burden to handle more relationship?

Life is a game where the goal is maintain maximum number relationships, whether it is a love, a friend, a relative, a cars, a thing the reward is when you’re being called successful.

However maintaining a relationship comes with a burden of responsibility. It creates a set of rules and expectations for you to meet. Often expectations result in disappointment.

If I get rid of the desire to be called a successful human being, all the burden of relationship vanished. This too come with its consequences.

Was evolution a mean of information accumulation and preservation?

The only information passed biologically from generation to generation is genetic information. This is an ineffective way of information transfer, and storage.

Knowledge and experience have to be reinstalled every time new offspring born. This is a very slow progress, and along the way part of the information is missing.

Would we ever evolve to encode knowledge acquired during the path of life time into genetic code? There would not be a new being but a re-spawned of the same being. This would make the journey of a being travel long into the future.

The possibly isn’t likely that we evolve that way. But what more plausible is the technology that record a human being’s experience sensation into a digital device. One day capable of performing like human brain.

Was evolution, all along, the preservation of information? If so it has found effective way to preserve the information, intelligence.

Human happen to be interestingly happen at just the turning point. The transition between biological means of transferring information to digital means of keeping that info. We evolve to perform that task. Nature knows intelligence is more effective than the wildest way of spreading genes.

If we are evolved to a specific task, question must be asked. Is there a grand master plan? Something that is grander that our grasp of imagination? Or is it a simple code of the universe that follow the path of 2nd law of thermodynamics, given enough time it must be that way.










Creative shots with umbrella

I love what umbrella does to a photo. It creates dramatic feeling, it add vibrant, it add pattern. You can have a very dull photograph, just adding an umbrella to the frame it suddenly change the whole feeling of a photograph.


Umbrellas at the Shoppes at the Palazzo

Green Bag + Pink Umbrella

In the rain

yellow umbrella

Ray of Hope

Red Rain

i'll take you away, turn this place into our private getaway

Blowing in the Wind

Back for More Umbrellas

Walking in the Rain

09-06-10 We're Slowly Drifting Out Of Reach ~ Explored



Out of focus that work

Out of focus photos that work:

031/365: 60 second walk

The light that is reflected (LensBaby 4)

Red Umbrella

Smooth reality

25-04-10 So For The Smiles And All Of The Miles

Crazy Christmas Tree Bokeh


out of focus (cc)

Firework Bokeh

On the rails.


10 minimalism photographs

Minimalism or negative space, you can call it but the idea is “More is less”.

She Moved To California

snow dune


It's Lonely Out Here

parados frente a la pared

South Beach 5 (Explored)

Greek Minimalism (III)


Little Flower, Big Shadow

Hal 8